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Our dynamic, disciplined and rational approach favours the protection and growth of assets accumulated during one's working life and also those obtained from bequests and inheritances.

Avoid Compromise

The investment climate is constantly changing and occasionally experiences periods of turbulence. How can you ensure your assets will weather rough waters? Like a seasoned captain, Dubeau Capital knows how to recognize mirages and avoid storm zones, thus holding a steady course for the long-term investment objectives you have specified.

Fair Play

A member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), Dubeau Capital is wholly-owned by its managers, who are alone responsible for its investment decisions. There is no affiliation whatsoever linking our company to a financial institution. This independence allows us to objectively choose the investment vehicles that best suit our clients' interests and conduct our business to satisfy our clients' needs.

What It's All About

Dubeau Capital knows how to recognize mirages, avoid storm and stay on course with the long-term performance goals you have set for yourself. We have made a commitment to offer the best financial management services to our clients and treat each of them as if it were our only customer.

You care about preserving and growing your assets according to specific objectives? Entrusting the management of your portfolio to professional managers with a proven track record is certainly a wise business decision.

Founded in 1992, Dubeau Capital is a discretionary investment management firm catering to individuals, corporations and institutions. Its affiliate Dubeau Capital USA Inc., is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to handle U.S. residents & citizens.

Get a head start with a direct investment management firm

  • Because you deal directly with the portfolio manager, not with a third party you don't know.

  • Access to all extensive financial information. Connected to all financial markets.

  • Team stability

  • Clear and direct opinion and status report

Achieve your goals
with a proven approach

Dubeau Capital goes beyond an offering of individual, isolated products to provide a comprehensive, integrated suite of services that covers every aspect of clients' needs. These services includes discretionary management, retirement plans, tax free savings account, (TFSA) registered education savings plan (RESP) and retirement planning.

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