Why do business with us?

Because we are confident that after meeting with us, you will have total peace of mind  and you’ll able to focus on things you’d rather do with your time!

Our approach is based on the growth of your account,  not on the volume of transactions. We have no sales quotas to meet and we don’t try to sell you all sorts of financial products.  Your portfolio is built specifically for you by our managers.  We don’t let anyone outside our firm handle your money.

The result is greater peace of mind for you, and investment decisions that are proactive rather than reactive.

Managed accounts

Essentially, it is an agreement between you and Dubeau Capital stipulating that you wish your portfolio to be managed for you on an ongoing basis. You no longer need to be continually preoccupied by the financial markets and your investments because we have the latitude to make modifications to your portfolio.

Management fees based on the value of your portfolio

This method encourages capital growth rather than a greater frequency of transactions. Additionally, it leaves us more latitude to seek out and implement the best investments opportunities for our clients.

Straightforward & visual reporting

We produce portfolio summary and performance report written in a clear, straightforward manner at least annually.  If you can’t understand with a 3-page report what’s happening with your account , we have a reporting problem, and so do you.

You will also have a personal access to your account  via our web site.

Turnkey service

In addition to managing your portfolio, we take care of accounting for income tax preparation, correspondence with third parties where authorized by you (e.g. your accountants), as well as the execution of transactions and free safekeeping of securities through Canada’s largest clearing firm.


Dubeau Capital is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).  Our firm has been in business for 25 years, with the same owners and partners.

We're informed

We have electronic access to specialized subscription-based information research services along with those from several Canadian and American brokerage firms. This information provide us with information on markets and companies in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. We also enjoy access to analysts in those firms and regularly attend sector-specific conferences hosted by them. We also talk and meet with management of companies we invest in.


Stay informed about the financial world through our advice